Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Some Crochet goodness!

 Hi there! Brrrr..... its been pretty chilly here!! This morning when I went to go feed the horses it said it was 7 degrees and the "real feel" was -13 degrees. The wind makes it feel so much colder too. I was bundled up pretty well, but my fingers were like pop sickles when I came in. Warming up now with some hot coffee. 
As the other day I said I wanted to show you some of the crochet goodness I've been working on, here it is! 
I love making these cowl infinity scarfs! I have listed in my Etsy Shop the cream and Eggplant (deep purple) one. Both are just gorgeous!! They are made with a wool / Acrylic blend, so they are so warm, soft and cozy! 
The charcoal colored one I made first and had to keep it for my self, and I just love it!! I get so many complements on it when I wear it too! :)  I've had several custom ordered ones as well, they make great gifts!! 

After making several short ones I wanted to make a long one that I could double over when wearing it. I just love the way this one came out too. Isn't the pop of color fun too!?! 
 I decided I had to keep this one too .....hehe
I am still taking orders for these, short or long! 

 I thought this was a fun very light weight scarf/accessory to wear. I was using up some yarn I had left over from one of the scarves I made. 

Crochet Cup Cozies::
This was a custom order for six of them, they look so festive and pretty! 
They are so much fun!
 I think I'm going to have to hoard put a few in the car, so next time I go to Starbucks or Dunkin' Donuts I can be in style!  We don't go too often, our closest ones are about 25 and 30 minutes away. But it's a nice treat when we do!

If anyone is interested, I'd love to do an order for you!! (: 
Cowl Scarves: 
Small : $25
Long: $28
Very light weight scarf/accessory: $7.00
Crochet Cup Cozies:
$6.50 each
*You can find some of these items in my Etsy Shop*

(originally shared on my facebook page)

Happy Tuesday!!
 I'm running to the post today, and going to get a few Christmas gifts this afternoon! Then working on a couple more custom orders and gifts later :) :) Hope you have a wonderful day!! 

Keep calm 
Craft on! 

xo Holly 

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  1. Your cowls are so pretty! And, they are fun to make! Glad you are having so many custom orders for them! The perfect cold weather for them! Have a cozy and crafty day! xo Heather

  2. Beautiful work my friend. I will tell some friends to check them out too. LOVE your blog sister.

  3. It has been really cold in the San Francisco Bay Area too....this morning in was 28 degrees! Pretty cold for is California girl!

  4. Brrrrrr. Sounds like it's pretty cold at your house. Stay warm and wear one of those pretty scarves you are making. Those are lovely.

    xo Danielle

  5. Oh so cold, poor you and poor horse! Making the scarves must help you stay cozy. Very pretty!

  6. Well you better keep those fingers warm when you go outside because you sure put them to good use! lol Boy you've been busy making cute things! Love the cup cozies!
    Happy Holidays Holly-
    Erica :)

  7. I love making cowls too and they are so cozy!! You have been busy! Stay warm ;)


I love reading each of your comments thank you so much for stopping by for a visit!!! :)

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