Saturday, December 21, 2013

Teacups and Tree lights

Happy Saturday sweet friends!! 
Teacup and Candles = sweetness!
I just love making the all natural soy wax candles in cute vintage teacups! I think it just adds an extra "cute" something!! :) 

 A while back ago, while we were in Chicago for a wedding, I found this cute "holly" teacup and couldn't pass it up, as I thought it would be perfect with a lovely winter/Christmas scent! 
In the evening I had to grab my camera and 
play around a little with the pretty lights, here's a few to share:

 I just love my aluminum tree, this year I decorated it with silvers and black.

{Christmas day 2012}
Piper and Jerry have their "Jingle Bell" collars on :) 
I'm excited to get another picture of them this year too! :) 

This picture below we got on mom and dad's birthday, 
of the dogs, Jerry wasn't over for that party, but will be for Christmas day :) 
(left to right):: Remmy (my sister's dog), Peyton (golden retriever in the back), Piper and Annie
I think they are excited for Christmas too....they always get new toys, treats in the stockings, and bones!

*Only 4 more sleeps til Christmas!! :) 
Happiest Holidays and Merry Christmas to you all!! 
xox Holly 


  1. You are so funny; only four more sleeps! I'm guessing that Santa is coming to your house!!!

  2. I just love my aluminum tree too. Brings back so many Christmas memories at my grandmother's house. Your decorations look beautiful.
    Merry Christmas

  3. Oh, those faces are so precious! I'm going to have to find something for our Buddy to wear tomorrow night. Love your sweet holly tea cup, I'm sure it smells heaveny.

  4. How sweet are the furbabes in their Christmas collars. Wishing you a very Blessed Christmas!


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