Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Dirty Junk ((Treasures))

Hi there sweet friends! 
Hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July holiday! It was a nice long weekend for us and very enjoyable too! :) Grab a cup of coffee and come see what kind of junk treasures I brought home! 
First up is this basket I filled with old jars. 
Old pop bottles and old canning jars.

  I found some pretty dishes, well they have potential to be pretty .... they are pretty dirty in this picture! 
This was a digging extravaganza, let me tell you!! But it was so fun! 
 I've slowly been going out to the pile- (I know right!?! haha) and bringing in things to wash and clean up.
Do you see the cute mushroom planter!? 
I found some old doors and there's an old barn gate under the first door.

And this cute old yellow baby crib! I was pretty excited for this find! I was looking to see if it had any of those sweet decals on it, but didn't see any. 

This piece was a little odd, but it was so clean inside and I loved that little glass knob on the door too!

A cute black and white checked chair that has a secret compartment.
If you lift the seat up, towards you not towards the back of the chair you can see where you could put some treasures!

 I plan to redo this chair, its very sturdy too!! 

Thanks for visiting!!!
Wishing you all a lovely day and happy new week! 
xo Holly 

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  1. That checkered chair is amazing! Just imagine all the usefulness that secret compartment has. And that crib? So sweet and it would be super easy to add a cute decal to it.

    Looks like a sale I would have loved to have gone to with you :-)


  2. I'm pretty smitten with that checkered chair too! Lots of great stuff! Have fun cleaning and playing with your treasures!

  3. I have seen sewing chairs with secret compartments. Maybe your chair was for sitting at a sewing cabinet. Fun stuff, Holly!

  4. Love all your finds Holly. What are you going to do with the old doors? I hope a fun project.

    xo Danielle

  5. Holly,
    How fun! And I adore that crib! If you need decal(s) for it, let me know, I would be happy to make some for you! :)

  6. Oh the possibilities with all your wonderful "junk"! Great buys!



  7. SCORE! Oh my gosh you found the mother load of goodness. How exciting.

  8. It is always fun to have a "pile" to keep pulling from...we have one of our own! (unfortunately we have put a hold on furniture for now... until we find space to store it all!)
    Happy junkin'!


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