Friday, July 18, 2014

Vintage Mermaid Inspired Buffet

Happy sweet Friday to you!! 
I decorated my buffet a simple beach and summery theme. 
I made this little garland out of some mint green crocheted squares that I got from sweet Andrea over at The Cottage Market a long while back :) I just simply sewed them on to a long piece of lace and then used small clothespins to attach the letters. So "beach" isn't permanent, and I can switch it out with another 5 letter word! 

 My inspiration came from this very sweet mermaid that I got from sweet Laurie over at Mapie Ethel. 
I just love my mermaid!! Thank you so much again! 
 -sorry for the glare on the blue shelf-

 A vintage tin on some old books.
Still have to add a few seashells around.....
 Just very simple and sweet!
I'm loving the mint and blue colors together!
 Oh yes, you didn't think my lady wasn't going to the beach to did you!?!
Well she is ready! With her "sun hat" and all! 
 {Love the vintage lamp shade as her sun hat!!} 

Thanks for all your sweet comments on my other posts! You all are the best! 
We're having a big yard sale tomorrow, its actually our first one, that we've been "in charge" ....lol 
So busy, busy, busy getting last minute things prepped today! Hope it goes well for us!! :)

Have a lovely weekend!! It's suppose to be gorgeous here all weekend! 
xox Holly 

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  1. I really got a good chuckle out of the lampshade "sun hat!" Your arrangement is so cool and green and shady! I really like the colors together...I have a hard time decorating when it's not a "red" holiday...lol! I'm ready for some cool colors, I think. =D

  2. Best wishes with the yard sale! Your lampshade sun hat is absolutely DARLING! Love magpie's sweet little mermaid. You have such pretty vignettes.

  3. So so cute. The lamp shade is so stinkin cute. Good luck tomorrow with your garage sale.

  4. Pretty colors together! Sweet vignette.
    YARD SALE...I'll be right over!!

  5. Love your buffet! So many cute things to look at and the sun hat is such a great idea! Good look at your yard sale! Hugs, Dianne

  6. Isn't Laurie so inspirational with all of her wonderful creations? I can't resist them!

    Your lady is beautiful. Love her lampshade hat!

    Good luck with your sale, Holly :-)


  7. So sweet! Love the changeable garland idea! Ha, ha...great hat.
    Enjoy your weekend.
    xo, Pam

  8. I hope you do well at your yard sale. Your banner looks sweet with your beachy scene.

    happy weekend! xo Danielle

  9. A sweet banner and pretty treasures you have displayed! Have a great weekend! xo Heather

  10. cute idea for a banner! You know me, I'm all about banners and beach/summer decorating! I love the pics from your last post with the yellow cherries. You are all too cute!
    have a great tuesday.. and the rest of the week too!

  11. Hi, loving the colors so beautiful. The banner is super cute.

  12. Oh Holly you know I am digging that lampshade hat on your mannequin!! And the blue and that green do look so awesome together!! So glad you thought of it!! You are getting so clever and your stuff is so sweet!! I also realized with your name of your shoppe after your horse it is so cool how you WRAP your goodies up!! It goes with the name!! and people LOVE the sweet wrappings!! Keep on Keepin on!! XOXO Love ya Fran.

  13. How cute! I saw those little mermaids in her shop and fell in love with them! You've made the prettiest display for yours! Enjoy your week! Hugs, Diane


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