Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Yellow Post!

Sunny yellow flowers and yellow sweet cherries!
Happy sweet day to you!!
 Our fence in front of our house, we still want to finish landscaping the front where the flowers and bike are and then we'll be done!....hopefully we'll get to it sooner than later! But for now I'll enjoy the pretty flowers!

 Sweet yellow cherries that we picked the Sunday after the 4th of July

 We each took a picture with the cherries :) 

And here's some behind the scenes when we picked them! 
Luke and I went picking with my sister and dad (: 

 There were lots of pretty red ones, but we thought the yellows had more yummy flavor!

Wishing you all a happy Wednesday! 
Have a lovely and crafty day!!
xo Holly 


  1. I came to read blogs just at the right time, you just posted! Your cherries look wonderful! Such sweet pics of all of you. I love cherries, wish I could pick them here, but I will be blueberry picking on Friday if the weather holds out.

  2. What fun!! We really don't have any cherry trees around here, at least not an orchard, but we do have pick your own peach orchards :) Georgia peaches are the best but Georgia is a few hours away from us so we just pick in South Carolina (when we do go picking). Love, love, love your flowers. They are just gorgeous! The bicycle is awesome!! I have been looking for one to place in my garden with a basket. So cute! Let us know what you make from the cherries! Have a great day, Holly

  3. Your pictures are so cute! Sure looks like you all had such a fun time...I'll take yellow or red. YUM!!!

  4. Picking is such fun! Those yellow flowers are wild? Such great color, love them. Enjoy your week!

  5. Loved all the photos. Your flowers are gorgeous and the cherries look so yummy! Hugs, Dianne

  6. Gorgeous flowers and such sweet cherries!! I like the yellow ones, too!! xo Heather

  7. Oh how fun to have the family join in the picking! Can't wait until our tomatoes have something to harvest.

  8. I've never seen yellow cherries! Love them :-)

    You guys are so dang cute! What sweet pictures.


  9. Yellow is a beautiful summer color!! Your flowers along the fence are stunning!! And those cherries-- simply to die for!! They would make beautiful jam!


  10. I do love cherries and the yellow ones are the sweetest. You two sure are cute!

    xo Danielle


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