Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Birthday Party{{9}}

Good morning!
 I wanted to share a sweet little birthday with you....
My cousin Emma, just had her 9th birthday. It's crazy how fast time flies by. I can't believe she's already nine!! Here's just a few pics from her party.
Emma & Ella
(sisterly love) :)

 Emma with the tote bag I made her! I thought it would be cute for her to
 use it for an over night bag at a friends' house.
 Having fun!! :)

I will post some pictures of my jewelry show over the weekend next!
What are you up to today?
I'm excited the weather is finally warming up here, its suppose to be in the 80s this week!!!! So glad! I'm tired of being cold...lol. Of course there's a chance of rain through the whooooole week, but it will be warm at least! :)
Take care for now! Have a good Tuesday!!


  1. Oh, what sweet photos!! Emma is so pretty, and she looks cute with her pretty tote you made her!! It has been raining today, so hopefully some sunshine tomorrow!! I have some sewing to do today! Have a great day!! xo Heather

    1. Thank you Heather :) Happy sewing to you! (I hope I can get some in too) :)

  2. Cute pics! It's amazing how the time flies by, my daughter will turn 15 this year and it seems like she was tiny just yesterday!

    I love the pic of you and your hunny!

    We are having warm weather here too, but chances of rain here and there.

    Take care! :)

    1. Thank you Jodi :) Hopefully the rain holds off so we can enjoy the warm weather. Have a great Wednesday!


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