Monday, May 21, 2012

Bountiful Seed Company//Barn Sale Treasures

Hello there, I hope everyone enjoyed their weekends. It was a pretty nice one here. My mom and I went to a big barn sale, found some really neat treasures! This place was unbelievable, I would take it in a heart beat! It use to be an old horse farm, possible racing but i'm not sure, they had soooo many old barns and the different vendors were in all these cute little rooms, and we got looking around and they used to be the old horse stalls! SOOO COOL! Another area use to be an old wash rack, it still had all the piping to connect the hoses. Beautiful grounds! They had a huge gorgeous house, a guest house, and another cute little house where the grounds keepers probably stayed. Several big barns, they still have a few horses, and so many antiques sitting around!!! AHH I was in heaven! For the stalls they had the tie stalls with all the original wood and wood floors, then they also had the box stalls with the huge sliding doors I would love some of those in my house!!!

Moving along to the treasures!! I found this old seed tin that I fell in love with!
It was only $4.00! I just had to have it! lol.

Thought it was so cute! Here it is sitting on my little table when you walk in the door. I thought maybe we could put our keys in it! :) 

OOOOh my goodness I absolutely LOVE this,
I was so excited when we found it! It was full of brooches (which I love those too!) and mom was like see if they'll sell this along with some brooches and they did! SO excited for this find! It looks perfect next to our couch!!

Then I found this very neat chair, and a box and a hammer (got those two things for the hubby!) 

Here's one more shot of my chair!

I also got a very sweet vintage braided rug,((which I'm soo excited about!!)) a small purple quilt and a couple tin trays, haven't took any pictures of those yet, but I'll try to post those as well. And if your wondering mom found her fair share of goodies too! LOL.
Take care, Have a lovely Monday!! :)
~Smiles, Holly~

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  1. Wow! These finds are so awesome. I've never seen a seed tin, that one is so cute, and could be so functional, too. And I always love and old box. :)

    1. Thank you!! :) :) I'm excited for many uses for it in the future :) Thanks for stopping by! ~hugs, Holly

  2. What treasures indeed!! Love all the brooches, and chair!! Beautiful!! So happy you had a great time!! I just love a good hunt!! Happy Monday! xo Heather

    1. Thanks Heather! You're so sweet! ~Hugs Holly


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