Thursday, June 27, 2013

Oh electricity is so nice!

Seems like it's been a while, since I posted. Looking at my blog its been a week today! 
We had a busy weekend, we did get a batch of homemade strawberry jam in on Friday night! I was excited for that, we've been eating peanut butter and jellies like crazy! I actually went back Monday morning, strawberry picking with dad this time, and got some more to make another batch. I like to give them away as gifts too! :) Monday evening we lost power, we had a big storm come through and we didn't get it back on until last night (Wednesday) around 8:00 o'clock. Not having power really really makes you appreciate it when it comes back! And having running water too! Luckily my parents have a generator and let us come take showers.  You would almost think well that would be a perfect time to ..... sew or work on some things, but it seems like almost everything you do, you need some sort of power or some water to wash your hands!   Lol. Not to mention normally when you lose power its very cloudy, dark, and rainy out through the whole day. But I did get to work on my crochet throw some. Here it is: 

Since this picture I've gotten farther but it gives you a peak of what it looks like : )

Last week I moved into my larger booth space at the shop {exciting!!}
I made this 8" hoop along with a few other things to put in it. It was made with a vintage pillowcase, that I actually thrifted a few weeks ago, vintage lace, and a handmade crochet flower. I thought it would be cute for a little girl or even a baby's room :)
 And a few more pin cushion keeps :) 

Hope you have a lovely day! 
And you have power! (There's some around us that still do not)
 xo Holly 


  1. Hi Holly, glad your power is back. Oh my gosh, how do you grow your flowers so big? It must be the rain. I live in a dry area, I don't know if it will rain hill August. We really don't know how to garden up here in this dry mountain heat. The desert did grow anything. But we are trying! The rabbit fence is done!

  2. Those pin cushions are adorable. So your water doesn't work when the power is out??? I've never heard of that. So glad it's back on for you. Your flowers are so pretty, they'd burn up in a day out here in 117 degrees and no rain.


  3. Electricity sure is something we take for granted until we lose it! Sounds like you have a well for water, us too, which makes it even worse! Glad you're "powered up" again, LOL! Your flowers are gorgeous and everything you make is wonderful! Happy Friday ~ almost. :) Pam

  4. Such pretty makes love the colours in the crochet. We don't realise how much we take power and running water for-granted until we don't have it. Have a happy weekend ~ Sarah x

  5. I love a good storm, but I sure do like power better. How nice to have parents nearby with a generator. Love your afghan. I wish I had learned that skill before my grandmother died years ago.

  6. Your pincushions are adorable!!! It would of been terrible to be without power for that long...you are right..you need electricity of so much. Happy New week to you. xoxox


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