Monday, October 7, 2013

It's Market Day Here!

It's a $2.00 Market Day!!!
Up first are:
*Vintage Scarves
*Vintage Aprons
*A few vintage Hats!!! 

Just leave a comment saying which item you would like and you've got it for $2.00!! If you have Paypal, I would rather use that method, if not than a check in the mail will be fine :) *If you will be using Paypal, leave your address, or you can email me it at {{ damitasprettywrap@hotmail.com }} I'll try to get invoices out as soon as possible. **Shipping costs will be $2.50, I will combine shipping for you and depending on the items it may cost a little extra.

Ok lets get started!!! 

1. Purple Scarf

2. Blue Flowers

3. SOLD Fur

4. Orange & Brown

5. Black, silver and red

 (^ These two pictures are the same Scarf
and scarf is square)

6. SOLD Black (with very lightly to see, brown design)

7. Pretty Floral (square)

8.SOLD Pink

9. Blue/Teal with small flowers 

10. Vintage Red (maybe good for Halloween?) 

11. Blue with small stripes :) (not vintage)

12. Pretty Orange & Cream

1. SOLD Light Sheer Pink apron

2. White Sheer Apron

3. Cute Gingham Pink Apron


1. White hat 

2. Black Hat 

3. SOLD Fur Hat (feels nice)

4. Vintage Green Hat * made in France

5. White Hat made in Italy 

And that's all for today!! Leave a comment for anything you'd like!

Wishing you all a wonderful happy Monday! And a fresh start to the week!!
Now I'm headed to get my first cup of coffee ((on a pretty cool morning that I'm excited about!))
xo Holly


  1. Hi, sweetie! I would like the black/brown scarf...so cool looking!

  2. Hello Miss Holly!
    I would like the PINK (leopard?) print scarf. And I also need a candle or something. So I'm going to head over to your Etsy shop!
    Thank you my friend. :)

  3. Oh Holly, Cute stuff! I'd like the sheer pink apron.

    Who can resist a pink apron? :) Pam

  4. These are so pretty! I'm loving your mannequin too:-)


I love reading each of your comments thank you so much for stopping by for a visit!!! :)

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