Monday, October 21, 2013

~New Earrings~

Hi there! Happy new week!
Over the weekend I was able to work on a few new pairs of earrings.....
These were requested by someone; something with black and kind of sparkly ..... 
They hang sooo cute! (Even cuter than on the jar!) Hope she likes them! (: 

Cute snowman earrings! Love their cute faces! 
(Don't they make you smile too!?)

Some Christmas Tree Earrings 

and candy canes too! 

And here's a sneak peak of some jars I'm working on. 
I'm dressing them up as ornaments for a little tree or you can hang them anywhere you'd like! 
Not all of them will be Christmas colors and themed, so many you will be able to keep out all year round! :)
some pretty ribbons that will be going on the jars......
Happy Monday, hope you're having a creative day!! 
xo Holly

oh ps.
I forgot to tell the results of our French Toast Morning Breakfast (from the previous post)
It turned out pretty well! 
I just bought some Texas Toast (any thicker bread will work)
we cooked it like normal french toast, and set those aside under a plate and lid to keep them warm. 
Caramelizing the bananas took two tries! Lol... we just put a little water in a small skillet with sugar and let it heat up, then put slices of bananas in. It's kind of a trial and error, our bananas came out a little mushy but weren't too bad. I think next time we'll try frozen bananas and see if that will help.

Then cute the french toast into triangles, add nuts of your choice:: we added walnuts, pistachios, and pecans.
And don't forget the powdered sugar over top of everything!! & yummy syrup! 
If anyone does give it a try, would love to hear if you do!! 

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  1. You sure have been busy. Your earring creations are adorable, love those snowmen faces:-)

  2. She'll love those earrings, and the snowmen and Christmas themed earrings are so cute. Love you jar idea too, very creative.

    Well, sounds like your breakfast was really good. I would have had no idea how to carmelize bananas, so I think you did great! :) Pam

  3. All so beautiful!! And, love the jars!! Happy sweet week to you Holly! xo Heather

  4. You have been a busy bee my dear. Your earrings are so cute, love your jars too. We made french toast for dinner the other night. Oh it was so good. We have not made it in such a lonnng time.

  5. Those little jar ornaments are adorable...and YES the snowman earrings made me smile :)

  6. You have been busy and it's all so, so pretty!


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