Thursday, October 24, 2013


Happy October (Snowtober) lol
One day its pumpkins and fall, the next.......

We had our first snow yesterday! (October 23) Seems really early!! 
But really got me excited for the holidays that are coming!! 
I can't wait for the Christmas season! ~I'm ready to start listening to music and decorating! 
I'm trying to hold out at least until after Halloween!! 

It was really pretty, and kind of weird because normally you don't see leaves still on the trees, with snow. 

It snowed a bit this morning too! 
But it's not sticking around, and I think it's suppose to warm up a little this weekend for us :) 
upper 40s and 50s! 

 Onto some goodies! 

I've been taking a tote full (at least once a week, sometimes twice a week) up to my booth
it's been really fun, refreshing it weekly! Adding new treasures in for someone else to take home and love!
I just love the set of vintage orange juice glasses and pitcher(above picture)....I might have to keep those! So super cute for the summer!

Love this little cart!! Isn't she cute!?!!?
and you can fill it with fun things too!

I'm off to work on a some new crochet items, that I'm excited to show you soon! And I'll be adding some of them to my Etsy Shop!! :) 

Horrraaayyy for almost the holiday season!!! 
Have a fabulous day today!! (: 


  1. Love the title of your post "Snowtober"! Glad it is not staying yet though I know the feeling of that first snowfall making it seem Christmas-y! Can't wait till Nov 1st to start thinking that way décor-wise. Cute items you've rounded up for your booth!


  2. Such pretty snow! How wonderful! Love all your treasures in the booth, especially the floral perfume bottle! Have a lovely day Holly! xo Heather

  3. your snow photos are wonderful, and I'm lovin' that great little wagon with all the Christmas goodies!

  4. Thanks for sharing some of your snow with us, your photos are so pretty. Looks like you've been busy collecting some fun treasures, I'm sure they won't last long on the shelves.

  5. Your snow pictures are beautiful! We've had a dusting this morning. It's very cold but the snow hasn't lasted. It makes me wonder if our backyard ice rink will be happening before Christmas this year?? Your booth treasures are wonderful. I can't wait to start thinking about vintage Christmas.

  6. Such pretty pics, and such gorgeous finds for your booth! I think you should definitely keep the orange juice set for yourself, it's fab.
    Happy weekend Holly,

  7. wow snow and leaves, so true not usually seen like this. head first into winter then for you! keep warm, Heather x

  8. A very cute post....The temps are low here, but so far no snow....but it's going t be a bad winter this year...I'm going to try an enjoy it!

    Loved your photos...they're beautiful

  9. Snow already, wow, that's early! Indeed, unusual to see trees with leaves and snow, but it sure makes for some lovely pictures. ;-)
    High time to snuggle up in some nice crocheted blanket... Have a crafty and lovely weekend! xh

  10. Gorgeous photos of snow on trees, but way to early is right. Glad you'll have real fall returning. Sweet pumpkins on your porch and great goodies on your booth shelves!

  11. What a lovely yard and I hope your snow has melted! Much too early for that!! Wonderful treasures in your booth... have a cozy weekend!! :)

  12. That little cart is lovely! and I like your squeezer a lot.
    Wonderful photos of snow, it never snows here and spring is arriving...
    Besos from Argentina,

  13. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Everything!!!! The snow pictures made me so happy...I LOVE snow!!! You have such an amazing yard! Mr. Jerry must LOVE it!!!! Thanks for dropping by and sharing with us...LOVE your visits! Hugs and tons of hugs to Mr. Jerry!


I love reading each of your comments thank you so much for stopping by for a visit!!! :)

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