Friday, October 4, 2013

Vintage Baby Clothes

Hi there sweet friends! 
Happy Friday!! Here are some of the vintage baby clothes I was telling you about that I got on my big treasure hunt :) 

 So sweet and adorable! They all look just about brand new too! 
Not too many stains at all!
Look at this 1960s snow suit, it has such a sweet embroidered bear too!
(My mom was like you have to keep this one!! Where are you going to find a vintage snow suit in perfect condition!?)

And oh my, do I love this little red plaid dress, does it come in my size too?? Lol
And a sweet as can be Christening gown

Those were just a couple favorites that I pulled out, now that I've went through them, it looks like I probably will be keeping about half! Lol. There are just so many cute and darling tiny dresses all hung up so pretty to not keep!

I've been working on crocheting some boot cuffs! I have one done and working on the second, in this burnt pumpkin color! I'm planning to put an edging around the tops of them too! So they will be super cute at the tops of the boots! 
Are you working on anything fun right now!? 
Wishing you all a wonderful Friday and a happy weekend!! 
xox Holly


  1. I'd swear with all the baby stuff you've been showing lately that you're trying to tell us something??????? That snowsuit is stinkin' cute.


  2. They're adorable. My son had a little sailor suit just like that when he was a baby, I should have kept it. Those christening gowns are precious.

  3. I agree with Meri! LOL I even scrolled back and looked at your last few posts to see if I missed a big announcement!
    It's all so darn cute! :)

  4. Such sweet baby clothes. That snow suit is precious. So is the christening gown and sailor suit. I hope you are keeping some of these (wink wink).

  5. Those baby clothes are adorable. Don't blame you for keeping them. It seems we have a common interest in crochet. :) Love that orange color for fall.

  6. What sweet finds!! It's not often you see anything like that..


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