Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Oh my! Look what I've found!!

Hi there sweet friends!! 
My goodness come take a peak of what I have came across over the weekend!!

This old bear that was handmade, isn't he cute!?
I just love these cream colored gloves with grey stitching!! 
And with a cute cluster of pearls hand stitched on...so cozy looking!

White/Ivory colored gloves and Vintage baby booties

thought this was too cute too! A little flower cart basket.

Another old handmade soft animal, a horse. 

 A bit of some cute things
The vintage sewing box had a few old treasures in there and some pretty buttons too!
& I love that mirror, it's double sided and bends a little in the middle! Too fun!!

Vintage lighting (its metal)

Vintage box

An old picture and frame, it's really pretty, I thought it would be a lovely piece to put in a child's room or nursery. 

Wicker Fruit Basket (with pumpkins) lol!

And an old cake cover

Over the weekend a lady contacted me and a few others to see if we'd be interested in some of her things. Her poor store didn't meet the fire safety rules and had to be closed down. So I ended up purchasing a "lot" of bulk things!! So many more treasures to be found out in our living room!! Haha.....no seriously, right now I almost feel like we are in an episode of Hoarders! I will be very busy the next few days getting that all together and organized! But I'm really excited to be re-pricing and taking some things up to my shop tomorrow! :)  

{{OH not to mention I got some 'oh so sweet' vintage baby clothes!! I will have to show you those soon!! }} I will continue to take some pictures out there & hopefully not get lost! haha...

Happy October 1st!! 
xo Holly 


  1. What luck to have been able to rescue so many lovely treasures. Your store will be nicely stocked. I hope you are saving those cream covered gloves with the gray stitching for yourself. They are gorgeous!

  2. oh holly!! digging the vintage yumminess!! don't ya just love vintage baby stuff!! I am a sucker for it too!! and those gloves need to stay with you girl!! and btw I love your acorns!! I love what you do and admire you as a young women!! keep lookin up~~ xoxoxo love ya fran.

  3. WOW girlee what luck. I love all your sweet treasures and looking forward to seeing more.

  4. Good for you Holly, you found so many treasures! Love those gloves and the cake cover too. Show us a photo of your living room, we won't show the Hoarders show, lol.

    :) Pam

  5. You are daring some pretty cute things! Lovett image booties!,

  6. You really have a knack for finding such sweet treasures. That little bear is just too cute!

  7. I always love a picture of a cake carrier!!

  8. Darling and pretty finds!! I have the same little oil lamp! Love the cake tin!! Happy day to you! xo Heather

  9. How nice to be able to find so many cute vintage items for your booth all at once. Hope you are having a good week.

    xo Danielle

  10. Great finds - love the cake cover and the stuffed toys. Isn't it nice just to enter your home to piles of vintage stuff? I am overloaded at the moment so I know how that feels.

  11. Wow!!!! You sure did score some amazing goodness!!!! Love it all! Sending love and hugs to you all and super big hugs for Mr. Jerry!!!!


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